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GUIDED Plan with Peers™

We help BIPOC and Latina women business owners* with small teams prepare to work with CORPORATE CLIENTS even if they believe they are too SMALL to do so.
*Our programs are open to all.

Walgreens & a Licensed Therapist

Walgreens has sponsored the WBDC to host our GUIDED Business Plan™ | Top Shelf Retail and our GUIDED Business Plan™ | Corporate Toolkits training materials. We met up with Tony at a conference and a business owner (Dr. Sunitha Chandy PsyD) who shared the impact of our GUIDED approach!

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GUIDED Plan with Peers™

Build your confidence, build your network and build your net worth

Without the uncertainty and wasted time of doing it yourself

This program is designed for business owners who…

  • Have stagnant sales and know working with corporations could catapult their growth
  • Need a step-by-step plan to communicate their value to Fortune 500 companies
  • Attend networking events but leave with connections but no solid leads
  • Want to explore opportunities in niche industries such as water, retail, tech & more
GUIDED Plan with Peers™
Our GUIDED content has been sponsored by billion-dollar brands and other renowned companies.
We are hired to design high-impact diverse vendor training for MBE / WBE / VBE / DOBE / LGBTQBE / WOSB and other certified companies. 
  • Walgreens and WBDC – retail industry
  • McDonalds and YWCA – 6-week course for 350 people
  • WBENC – WeThrive Instructor for business continuity 
  • ​California Water Association – utility industry training 
  • Metrolink and The Center – Small Business Partnership Program 
  • ​​And Many More!

Talia Boone

Founder, Postal Petals

As a result of her GUIDED Plan with Peers™ membership, Talia has been introduced to Meta, Lyft, Google, plus more and has an A+ Capabilities Statement and 60-sec Intro video. In Fall 2022, Talia's company was featured in a MasterCard commercial and has won thousands in grants.*

*Please note: Results will vary for each member. This is not a guarantee.

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GUIDED Plan with Peers™
Why Join Today?
Approximately only 10% of U.S. small businesses are diversity certified which means most are unaware of the growth opportunities with corporate clients. 

We guide women-led businesses to opportunities and equip them with a Proposal Toolkit that makes it easier for buyers to say “yes”.*
  • Don't DIY - know what to do, when, and who to meet 
  • ​Implement more consistent new client outreach
  • Build systems to delegate to your team
  • ​Feel confident pursuing bigger asks
  • Be ready to utilize your proposal toolkit
  • ​​Discover how to connect with corporate insiders

GUIDED Plan with Peers

Join Today to Fast-Track How You Prepare FOR and FIND Corporate Contracts

GUIDED Plan with Peers™ is a monthly subscription community to help BIPOC and Latina* women business owners with small teams build their sales confidence to pursue 6-figure contracts using the blueprint corporations hire us to teach.

Get to a YES - build your proposal toolkit with the EXPLORING level!

Level: Sightseeing

Join today for immediate inspiration!
  • GUIDED Capabilities Statement Tutorial 
  • “Know What We Know” Eblasts 
  • Motivation Moments 
  • Time saving apps spotlights

Level: Exploring

Build your network to access bigger opps!
  • Stay on track with mini-activities
  • Get over challenges with group feedback
  • GUIDED TALK: Avoid Vendor Mistakes
  • Special Member Discounts 

Level: All-In

ALL-IN (cohort)
Pursue 6-figure contracts with a Proposal Toolkit
  • MBA-Lite Style Course - 2 work sessions
  • Replays of missed Work Sessions/Classes
  • We help you develop your Proposal Toolkit
  • Introduction to Opportunities
Meet Your Guide

Melanie Rae

Our 10-edition GUIDED Business Plan™ book series was written by founder, Melanie Rae. It has guided more than 15,000 business owners to their success destinations!
Meet Your Coach

Melanie Rae

Our 10-edition GUIDED Business Plan™ book series was written by founder, Melanie Rae. It has guided more than 15,000 business owners to their success destinations!

Hear the impact of our 
GUIDED approach!

Reach your goals faster with a group.

GUIDED Plan with Peers™

Meet Your Guides

Our "docents" will guide you to an easier path to your goals

Melanie Rae

Lead Guide

Melanie is the founder of Guided Business Plan & the Before and After Biz Coach who has helped thousands of business owners create tools to SEE and REACH their success destinations.

Dr. Yvette Harris, Phd

Mindset Development

Dr. Harris earned her doctorate in Education Leadership. She assists small businesses with writing County, State and Federal proposals.

Karina Passi

Lean 6 Sigma, Systems

U.S. Air Force veteran, aircraft mechanic, operations consultant and Lean 6 Sigma certified, Karina helps companies "find a better way to get things done."

GUIDED Plan with Peers™

Before & After

Melanie coached a group of women pursuing corporate contracts during a recent cohort.
For some of them, it was their first time navigating corporate procurement.
Q&A Consulting LLC

Que Alicia

Within a one-hour session, we helped Que write a new script that showcased her true value and personality. This video wowed corporate buyers. Imagine how many prospects would have moved on if they only saw her BEFORE video because they did not understand the value that she brings to the table.
The Software Vault

Jamita Machen

Jamita’s BEFORE video was solid but it did not distinguish her enough from other vendors that offer IT systems improvement. The second one showed more confidence as she described how her company solved an extremely costly and high visibility challenge. The listener has an idea of her unique capabilities, who has trusted her and what she can deliver.

Build the tools and professional network you need to pursue corporate contracts

GUIDED Plan with Peers™


“WE-Xcel [a GUIDED course] gave me the tools and the confidence to effectively market my skills for contracts with Fortune 500s and major corporations. Anyone who is serious about taking their business to the next level needs to take this course - it is a game-changer!” 
Stephanie Belton
The A-List Network, LLC
Melanie Taught This Course
“It would have been impossible for me to offer this cohort if I did not have the GUIDED Business Plan™ materials. One of our survey comments was ‘Best educational program I ever experienced. Very organized with valuable information that we could take action on. Loved it.’”
Entrepreneur Educator
Teaching A Government Contracting Cohort
Licensed a GUIDED curriculum
“The materials, the presentation, and especially the examples. It is extremely helpful to have examples that highlight the how and why the particular "fill in the blank" is worth thinking about. The presenter [Melanie] was OUTSTANDING; clear, well organized, delightful, and brought in diverse perspectives.”
Mirette Seireg

“I found the SWOT Compass to be incredibly valuable. I appreciate that Melanie took a standard analysis and built upon it substantially with real business questions and concerns to consider."
TaChelle Lawson
Fig Firm
“Every session, I have been incredibly impressed by the quality presentation, the outstanding facilitation and CWA member participation. This has been so helpful!”
Scott Kuethen
Amtec Human Capital
Attended water industry course
“Melanie, is so knowledgeable and such a patient and articulate presenter.”

Kathie Tetreault
Saddleback Surveys, Inc.
Attended workshop for business continuity
"Melanie had high energy and engagement for 3 straight hours...AMAZING!" Wendi 
Wendi Brown
iSupportYou, LLC
"Melanie is an outstanding facilitator!"

Tracy Porter
Premiere Solutions &  NFL Alumni
Attended water industry course
“This is the BEST working meeting EVER!” 
Pamela Isom
ICE Solutions
Attend corporate contracting course

You got questions? 
We have answers!

Below are answers to our most frequently asked questions

Are the meeting times the same each month?

We generally schedule classes on Mondays or Wednesdays from 4 to 5:30 pm PST twice a month but holiday weeks may be switched to Thursdays from 10:00-11:30 am PST. All-In Level members will receive a calendar of the upcoming dates. 

I missed a session...what now?

Things come up. A potential large contract is on the line. You will gain more by showing up for the live sessions but the recorded versions of the monthly classes are available on-demand for Cohort level members. Those recordings may or may not include a live audience to protect the privacy of open discussions.

Can I sponsor someone else's membership?

Yes! Please email partner [at] to inquire. Sponsor multiple companies and we can tailor their process for your needs.

What makes this program different?

Your leader is an instructional designer with more than 20 years of experience translating concepts for adult learners. You can't get the same type of energy and inspiration from simply watching a video from a stranger.

When can I expect to earn a contract?

How long will it take to a build a relationship with a buyer? If they need a $10 item, it could be minutes. If they need a $100,000 project, it could be months. We do not offer any guarantees other than we will provide you with tools to build your confidence to pursue bigger asks.

What's WBE Certification?

MBE WBE are usually what come to mind regarding diversity certification. MBE is Minority Business Enterprise and WBE is Women Business Enterprise. Many Fortune 500 companies outreach to certified small businesses and diverse businesses. A third-party evaluates a company in-depth as a vetting process. Each month we offer space to clarify certification questions. Even for government contract certification too.
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